Since 2011, we have raised money to help veterans. We fight the battle for soldiers at home.

Our Mission

The Marlboro Sunshine Fund stands firmly committed to helping local Veterans in need by reaching out to community leaders and soliciting grant applications from those members in need.  Each year we review the grant applications and verify military service and grant awards.  We will continue to do this as long as their are American Fighting Men and Women in need within our communities.

Those You've Helped

What We've Achieved

  • To date, we have provided new furnishings and appliances to a displaced Vietnam veteran and his wife from the Highlands who lost everything. After nearly a year staying with relatives, they finally found a permanent rental in Middletown.
  • We provided a chairlift to a Union Beach Vietnam veteran who was able to rebuild utilizing his wife's retirement account, but had to raise his home so high, access became a problem.
  • We paid the rent for a young Marine veteran and his family, enabling them to provide a proper Christmas to their young children.
  • Our most significant project to date, was the demolition of the remaining ruins of an 88 year old WWII/Korean war veteran's home He received only $40,000 in insurance money to rebuild his home of forty years and replace all of his possessions. For this project we partnered with local businesses and are thankful to Petruzelli General Contractorsfor donating time and equipment and to Gold Star Concrete for accepting the concrete from the demolition and recycling it at no cost. We hope to be able to further assist him and his wife as the rebuilding process begins.